Window Shopper Freestyle Song Lyrics

Window Shopper Freestyle Lyrics – Krsna

Window Shopper Freestyle Song Lyrics

Window Shopper Freestyle Lyrics: Window Shopper Freestyle is latest Hindi Hip Hop song.The Singer is  Krsna. The song is officially released on 5th May 2020.The label is Kalamkaar.The Lyrics of this beautiful song are penned and composed by Krsna.


The music video is directed by Shubh Verma starring Krsna in the lead role. The duration of song is 02:28  mint.

Window Shopper Freestyle Lyrics

Dollar sign pr rupes onn my mind

Yee hater bhe hote dukhe

Coz I’m truly onn my grrind

Pali the bhasude aab vasule kaa hai time

Han jaroori thi yee strugle aab masoore jaisaa climb

Please don’t mind agaar bolaa hai galatt kuch


Par in ke aur mere likaahe mein hai farak kuch

Focked the scene up jayise mujh mein hai tharak uf

Palaa badaa where they flipped birds jaaise bharaatpur

Chaahiye flow switches baahut switches es game mein

Ludicrous with the lyrics chris bridges es kheil mein


Rapper’s lage bitchos kaare zikaar sirf fame k

Chote I aint with the gimick’s rehte limit mein memne

Pehle din se me real pocho kise se bhe

Aise legacy hooge nhe kise k bhe

Mere tone se hai agar tumm he dekat

Tou dikat hoge tumm he eminem aur lill veezy se bhe

Window Shopper Freestyle Song



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