Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh Episode-15 Review

Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh Episode-15 Review

Meher Posh a drama serial running at GEO Entertainment has released another episode which was a bit boring.  The serial is about an intense love story but at some point it makes no sense because they divert the story line to another direction to other side. In the beginning of this serial there was too much negativity and in this episode absence of Shakeela Chachi, makes the episode less toxic and focus on the major points of the serial. Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh.

Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh Episode-15 Review

Taimoor and Ayeza Khan being together on the screen they are giving brilliant performance and their fans love to see them together as a couple and they are waiting for Shah Jahan and Mehru to be together as well. Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh Episode-15 Review.

In this episode Ali Abbas’s performance was outstanding.

The episode begins with Naeem and Mehru’s argument which is ended by Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan’s support in Mehru’s situation is speechless. Geo tv drama Meher posh.

Episode is further preceded by Shah Jahan’s mother being hurt. Mean while Shah Jahan’s mother insulting Mehru shaming her marital status. She was also giving hints that no matter what happens she won’t let her son merry a divorcee.

Other hand, she is appreciating Ayat, Mehru’s sister from the same family. Why showing so much discrimination on screen? This scene makes no sense with the story line. Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh Episode-15 Review.

While Ayat’s elder sister facing such discrimination and she is fantasizing to be Shah Jahan’s wife. She is trying to impress Shah Jahan’s mother so that she could accept her as daughter-in-law. But her fantasizing as Shah Jahan’s wife is still a secret. Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh.

AShah Jahan’s mother seems very interested in her now and Ayat too seems to be very happy with it. She totally understood Shah Jahan’s mother feelings for her.

Naeem’s situation is seems very sad one but as he had destroyed Mehru’s life and character makes him go through this much pain. He deserves this pain because he just grew a plant of doubt on Shakeela Chahci’s seeding in his mind. Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh.

Inside story Urdu Drama ‏Meher Posh

He used to insult Mehru and her family, trashing her in front of her neighbors and on-street even after divorcing her, all this reflecting his indecency and ugly self. Because of his act based on just a doubt took Mehru’s father life. Mehru do not even want to see him and he is trying to compensate for all the damage had done by him. How could it be done?

Mehru’s mother seems very disturbed and of course she would be her beloved husband is no more with her and her daughter’s fate maker restless and that much disturbed. This scene was really touching how much she seems disturbed.

The way she said “dantna acha nahi lagta mujhy”, her expressions was outstanding and it makes this scene so deep. This scene also had reflected to hardships of women without her husband was so deep.

The way Naeem’s situation had been highlighted and his mother met Mehru and offers her to get marry so that her son could compensate for the damage by him was something non sense. His mother keeps saying that her son had accepted his mistake he wants to compensate for that in front of Mehru. How all this will change Mehru’s life?

Naeem’s mother told Mehru to get marry and Naeem will bear all the expenses of her marriage and will fulfill her demands, all this is not helping poor Mehru torturing more instead. The way Mehru ended up the conversation with Naeem’s mother on a question that was: “What your son will do if anyone demands for a non divorcee girl to marry?”Naeem’s mother was completely speechless.

Mehru is also trying to overcome her lose but she had to face those cruel words again and again, in all this situation Shah Jahan’s support and his love make her feel better. She also seems touched by him and his support. She is now having a soft corner for Shah Jahan.

A very soft and beautiful conversation between Shah Jahan and Mehru had brought a lovely touch to the episode. They way Shah Jahan was asking her to be like she was and trying to bring his Mehru back was outstanding. But Shah Jahan’s mother does not spare any moment to insult and taunt Mehur on her martial life. Shah Jahan had come to know about his mother’s hate for Mehru. He asked his mother to correct herself about Mehur otherwise she’ll lose son.

Now fans are waiting to see rather Shah Jahan will be able to make his mother to accept Mehru as his wife or his mother will choose Ayat as her daughter-in-law. What Naeem will do to compensate the damage is a big question for now.