Pyar Ke Sadqay episode 26 review

Pyar Ke Sadqay episode 26 review

Pyar Ke Sadqay’s episode of this week was sentimental, well-performed, and beautifully composed. The most unexpected scene in the chapter was Munshi sahib’s death, the way the producer expressed the cruel side of Sarwar we have seen was absolutely brilliant.! Pyar Ke Sadqay’s characterizations and the performances remain the most convincing component. Pyar Ke Sadqay episode 26 review.

Pyar Ke Sadqay episode 26 review

viewers get to know Mansoura’s frustration and the teaser of the upcoming chapter showed it does not matter for her that she knows everything still she kept silence and have not done anything about the existing circumstances because she love Sarwar a lot and ca not live without him. The writer, Malik Raza did well to Munshi sahib’s character by giving him an exit which was unbelievable.

Surely, giving an exit to a character is not a good way to solve conflicts and it would have been good to see an actual change in Mansoura’s character. The complete development was taken to next step and covered realistically. Yumna Zaidi performed astonishingly well in this chapter and the director/editor used the previous scenes brilliantly in this chapter.

Abdullah In The Office:

This chapter began with main scene, Abdullah’s dream came true and he got all the respect and acceptance he had been looking for, sitting in his new office. Unlike previous chapters, even Yashma Gill was also supportive and her father was having more trust in Abdullah. In this act, the writer and the director make him perform that even at a time when Abdullah should have been enjoying the appreciation and acceptance, he couldn’t, but think about his wife.

Abdullah is comparing all his present situations with the past ones. When it was his first day in his father’s office, He thought about how Sarwar humiliated him and how his Munshi Sahib treated him. When his skills was appreciated, his mind was distracted by Mahjabeen’ s thoughts, the person who was the first one to show her appreciation and made him feel special.

It was the first one who truly trusted Abdullah and was sure that he could achieve all he want. These flashback scenes were effectively shown together. Hum tv drama 2020.

Abdullah needed only some appreciation.

This scene exposed that Abdullah was excellent in Mathematics and he could easily handle and see numerical data in his own office as well if Sarwar did not degrade him. These scene also exposed the fact that Sarwar has done so much bad to destroy Abdullah’s personality and his confidence. This was a core lessoning scene of the chapter.

Sarwar’s Conversation With His Mother:

Sarwar’s reaction to Munshi sahib’s death showed his extent of evilness! Although He considered his death, a loss in entirely different way. And considered himself as he was the ‘victim’. Sarwar always showed himself true to his mother. His mother’s talking also showed how she brought up the Sarwar. The only positive aspect tonight was that Sarwar was actually shown losing temper because he had done everything to make Mahjabeen and Munshi do whatever he wanted yet they did not let him win.

Mansoura and Pho’s Meeting:

After Pho and Washma’s conflict with Mansoura in the previous two chapters, Mansoura finally decided to pay Pho a visit. This visit expressed Mansoura’s state of mind. She is not blunt, she know it is harmful to be trusting Sarwar but she does not know she is strong enough to follow her mind and not do according to her feelings. Pho is so intelligent, pretty natured and definitely the person who always gives the right advice. She has given up on Mansoura, it is her struggle which make her to visit Munshi sahib.

Washma and Munshi Sahib:

Although Munshi sahib’s death made this chapter saddened, the pleasing thing was that at the end, it was Washma who was by his side. He made Washma responsible of his daughter to protect and he knew she is the only kind of person who will do anything to protect her. She was doing same even before he said his last statement but now she will definitely try her best to make Mansoura and Abdullah see the truth The credit for this astonishing act goes to both the actors, director and the writer as well. There were a few lines that were used to convey the message across and they were powerful enough.

The Most Emotional Scenes:

Mahjabeen’ s reaction to her father’s death, how she combed his father’s hair, the lie she told her mother to make comfortable her, and above all her talking with Abdullah were really emotional scenes in this chapter. Mahjabeen is such a pure soul that in a way she always looked out for the people she love even when she is in the most difficult time. Washma was there right by her side and Abdullah for once seemed to believe Mahjabeen even though this was the kind of bitter truth that was not easy to absorb. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan’s remarkable performances made these scenes even more interesting.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode was well-performed; the performance, direction and script were all amazing. The teaser of the next episode was effectively put together since it did not show Abdullah’s stance at all. I am waiting to see whether there will be a change in Abdullah’s acting sense or not. He should now take a stand and set his priorities. Mansoura, it seems, will remain in love to Sarwar till the end.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay? Share your thoughts about it. We value your input and would appreciate your comments. Pyar ke sadqey new episode.