PPSC Sub Inspector Cooperative Society past paper [Solved] held on 18/11/2018

PPSC Sub Inspector Cooperative Society past paper [Solved] held on 18/11/2018

  • In the field of Computer VGA stands for: Video Graphic Array
  • Pakistan’s permanent representative in the United Nations is: __ Maleeha Lodhi
  • In MS Excel 2007, what symbol is used before a number to make it a label? ” (quote)
  • Name the capital of Czech Republic ____Prague
  • Kalimah-e-Tayyaba is the first Kalimah, Name the second Kalimah. Kalimah-e-Shahadat
  • The beginning of the Mughal Empire is dated to the victory by Babar over: Ibrahim Lodi
  • Which one of the following is not an operating system? AVG
  • Fill in the blank: This town is 100 meters _ sea level. Above
  • From which word ‘Aqeeda’ is derived? Aqd
  • Pakistan has signed and ratified United Nations: All of these
  • What is the area completely surrounded by land called? landlocked
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of: Both A and BBefore independence Timor Leste (former East Timor ) was part of : Indonesia
  • Thimphu is the capital city of : Bhutan=Ch
  • whoose the most suitable indirect form of the sentence; He said to her, ” what a cold day!” Answer: He exclaimed that it was very cold day.
  • Khyber pass is situated in the:Hindukush range
  • The Security Council has _ Non-permanent members, 10 members
  • In the coordinate plane the vertical line is called: y-axis
  • Muzdalifah’ is the area between: Arafat and Mina

When was Durand Line established? 1893

” A Trojan horse” Means

In Computer Science, UNIVAC is:Universal Automatic Computer

Synonym of Flimsy is fragile

Which regiment of Pakistan Army has received maximum numbers of ‘Nishan-e-Haider’. Frontier Force Regiment

The main Charachteristics of “Death Vally” in California is: Very Hottest area

Which one the following medical condition is caused by the high exposure of radiation?

Which Surah in the Holy Quran mainly explains the oneness of Allah the Almighty? Surat Al-Ikhlas

Fill in the suitable prepositions:” They five in a flat __ the shop.”

Simplify: ? * 12 = 75% of 336 … answer 21

What is the antonym of “Latent” Obvious

Who was the Civilian Chief Martial Administrator in Pakistan? Yahya Khan

The G20 is a leading forum of: major economies

Which is the third month in the Islamic calendar ? Rabi-al-awl

Neison Mandela died in Johannesburg on: December 5, 2013

Name the victory whose time has been described as the “seeding time of indian nationalism:

The Urdu- Hindi controversy is said to be the forerunner of the Two Nation Theory. When did this controversy begin?

The first Chairman of senate was:Habibullah Marwat

148 is divisible by: 37

Addis ababa is famous city of Ethiopia

Who inaugurated the state Bank of Pakistan? Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Microsoft Power Point is to used to create: Presentations or slides

The largest American State by Population is: California

The second most abundant metal found in the Earth’s crust is: Aluminum

Complete the number series: 10,5,13,10,16,20,19,_. 40

The third PDF woman’s Amateur Gold Champion was held in March 2018. Islamabad

Which of the following is not an example of exhaustible resources s of the earth available to man?

She asked ,” What are they doing?” Find the most suitable indirect sentence.

in which pact the Hindus and the Muslim agreed on separate electorates for Muslim.

Complete the number series 14,28,20,40,32,64, __ . 56
This is an alternating multiplication and subtracting series: First, multiply by 2 and then subtract 8. Second, multiply by 2 then subtract 16.

ppsc Sub Inspector Cooperative Society past paper
Which of the following units is ozone layer thickness expressed in?

Which component of the diet prevents constipation? Fiber

The use of computer is attractive because of its: All of these53.

Choose the most suitable Indirect speech of: She said to him.” Go downstairs”

Fill in the blank, preposition. “The cake and pizza were shared __ Ali & Farhan.” Among

MS Word, which of the following is not a font style: Superscript

Nanga parbat is the famous mountain peak of : Himalayas range

Dr muhammad yunis was honoured by nobel peace prize in: 2006

Zam Zam emerged from beneath the foot of Hazrat Ismaeel in the valley of Makkah. What is the meaning of Zam Zam?

The terms of office of a Judge of international Court of Justice is: 9 years

Choose the correct spelling from the following: Superintendent

if x+y =6, y+z = 7, and z+x = 9, the average (arithmetic mean) of x,y and z is:



Adding equation (1), (2) & (3) we get:

=> 2(X+Y+Z)=22


=> Average of X, Y and Z is (X+Y+Z)/3

Answer =11/3

Which one of the following is the most powerful computer? Super Computer

The final of 1992 Cricket Works Cup was field in:

How much blood does a normal person has in his body?

What is the lowest score of Pakistan in ODI cricket record?

Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

The Headquarter of OPEC is situated in _.

John Garang de Mablor is well known for founding:

Which river falls in Indus near Attock? Kabul

Hazrat Amna (R.A), mother of Holy Prophet is buried in: Mecca82. Falkland war was fought between U.K and Argentina in: 1982

To investigate certain offences including corruption, Federal investigation Agency FIA was established in Pakistan. Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Where is mudalfa?between mina and arafat

Who win first blind t.20 world cup. India

1992 world cup venue.melborne

Dr. Younus khan get noble price in peace in which year. 2006

Where table mountain. South africa

In which mountain kyber pass. Hindokush

In which mountain naga perbat. Himmalya

Voicroye when india seeding nationalism. Curzon

FIA inagurated in which reign.bhutto
Pakistan lowest ODI score. 43

Where in pakistan women golf championship. Islamabadd

Pakistan nonpermanent UN representive. 10

First sanet chairperson. Habibullah