PPSC Past Paper Lecturer of History

PPSC Past Paper Lecturer of History

Lecturer History Mcqs Past Paper 2011

⭐ history of the Arabs is the book of?

Philip Khuri Hitti

⭐the duration of era of ignorance was?

100 years, 200 years , 300years, 400years

⭐ Futuhat⭐i⭐Firoz Shahi is the book of?

Froze Shah Tughlaq (Sultan of Delhi)

⭐ Who said the only default in Razia that he was women?

qasim farista

⭐ the duration of marwan bin hakam kingship?


⭐ who said this about feroz shah tugliq that he was a father to his people?

lane pool

⭐ the duration of aram shah was?

8 month

⭐ Which king of tugliq dynasty compared with Akbar?

sultan feroz shah tugliq

⭐ Allan Octavian Hume was a?

civil servant, political reformer

⭐ Why Gandhi kept marn bahrat?

To pressurize English govt

⭐ Who was called the pioneers of Pakistan’s china relation?

Hussein shehed suharwardi

⭐when khilafat committee established?


MCQS for ppcs test

⭐ Abdul Salam Arif(1963⭐66) died by?

accident (On April 13, 1966, Arif was killed in the crash of Royal Iraqi Air Force de Havilland DH.104 Dove 1, RF392)

⭐ Who called the current day’s phoron of Egypt?

Hosni Mubarak

⭐malik kafoor was the vice of shahabudin omer khalji what was his duration?

35 days

⭐ Last Governor General of India Mountbatten worked in rank of UK force?

Admiral of the Fleet

⭐ What was the Islam first drill ground?

mosque of nabvi

⭐who proclaimed that he was the first king of Islam?

Ameer maviya

⭐who was yaqoot?


⭐ Sir Syed remains the member of imperial counsel for a period of?

5 years

⭐ when the abolition of the caliphate and the rule of the Ottoman Turks ended for ever?


⭐ who was Bal Gangadhar Tilak?

A Hindu extremist

⭐ what is history ?

Science and art both

⭐ WHO WAS the first chief of army staff of Pakistan?

General Sir Frank Messervy

⭐ What was the purpose of gaor kasa sabha?

Propaganda against gaokashi and its eaters

⭐ Syria gets freedom from?

France 17 April 1946

⭐ The total duration of vice president ship of nur⭐ul⭐amin was

1year and half year

⭐what was the response of Allama Iqbal in case of lakhnow pact?

he apposed strictly

⭐the weight age directly based on?

lacknow pact

⭐impact of hijrat movement was?

Muslim face a great loss

⭐ Who many Muslim league members in 1946 cabinet? 5

⭐ Dyarchy system firstly used in India under?

Montagu Chelmsford reforms

⭐response of quaid⭐e⭐azam in case of khalafat movement?

he remained away from this

⭐ miftahul khar is the surname of?

sulman bin abdul⭐malik

⭐ When revolution occurred in Iraq by Brigadier General Abd al Karim Qasim


⭐ Hamayu nama is the book of?

Gulbaden begum

⭐ Sir Syed Ahmad Khan received an LL.D. Honorius from?

Edinburgh University

⭐ Pakistan became the member of NAM?


⭐ Why Muslim league reject Nehru report?

It was against the Muslim interests

⭐ who was the real founder of slave dynasty?


⭐ why bulban used blood and iron policy?

For crushing resistance

⭐ Who awarded the title of gazi to Mustifakamal Ataturk?

‘Gazi’ (Warrior Hero), a title awarded to him by a grateful Assembly in 1921, and as ‘Ataturk’ (Father of the Turkish Nation), assumed by him in 1934,

⭐ The maximum population in the ignorance period was?


⭐ the most common activity before Islam was?


⭐ The special idol of Quresh was?


⭐ Who was the 1st foreign minister of Pakistan?

Sir Zafrulla khan

⭐ Which Pakistani has the honour to be the president of general assembly?

Sir Zafrulla Khan

⭐ The pm of Pakistan which has the shortest period was?

Ayub Khan

⭐ The duration of prime minister ship of I.I Chandrigar was?


⭐ who was nominated deputy prime minister of Pakistan?

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

⭐ Who was the chief convener of the constitution of the Muslim League known as the Green Book?

Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

⭐ How many princely states in sub⭐continent at the time of partion?


⭐ The victory of Afghanistan, kharasan, tabristan occurred in the khilafat of ?

Hazrat Usman(r.a)

⭐ Which is called 1st Muslim Magna Carta?

Treaty of medina

⭐ how many members included in simla deputation?35

⭐when turkey became republic?

the proclamation of a republic in 1923, and

⭐The outline of history is the book of?

Herbert George Wells

⭐ Independence day of Sudan?

1 January 1956 , (Independence from Egypt, and the United Kingdom )

⭐ when UAR dissolved?

September 28, 1961,

⭐the ruling period of hafeezul asad was?

near 30 years

⭐when Syrian president Shukri al⭐Kuwatli and Nasser announced the merging of the two countries, creating the United Arab Republic?

February 1, 1958

⭐ HOW many Muslims were killed in battle of saffan?


⭐ on 23rd July 1952 when revolution el⭐thaw rah occurred in Egypt what was the rank of Jamal abdulnasir?


⭐ in which year three military coups occurred in Syria?


⭐ Who was the 1st governor of Baluchistan?

Lt General Riaz Hussain(1 July , 1970 21 December, 1971)

⭐ When West Pakistan became One Unit ?


⭐ When 1st Constituent Assembly of Pakistan dissolved?

October 24, 1954

⭐ Who was the first president of Indian National Congress?

Womesh Chandra Bannerjee

⭐Sarojini Naidu also known by the sobriquet The Nightingale of India,( bulbul) due to ?

English poet literate

⭐ Who was called the imported prime minister of Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali Bogra

⭐ Sikandar Mirza professionally a?

Army man

⭐ Who was called the financial wizard of Pakistan?

Gulam Muhammad

⭐ Who was the 1st secretary general of Pakistan who worked under Liaquat Ali Khan?

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

⭐ How many Muslims members in Nehru committee?

⭐ Baluchistan was given the status of province in?

1st July 1970.