Ppsc Lecturer of Geography past papers – pdf

Ppsc Lecturer of Geography past papers – pdf

⭐Marble and Hornfelses are produced as result of:

(a) Contact metamorphism
(b) Regional metamorphism
(c) Dynamic metamorphism
(d) None of these

⭐The karakatuo volcano is situated in
(a) South West Africa
(b) Central America
(c) South East Asia
(d) None of these

⭐Geographically Kashmir is divided into how many major parts?

(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Five

⭐Atlantic Ocean occupies percent of aquatic surface of the world ocean;.

(a) 46%

(b) 52%

(c) 38%

(d) None of these

⭐ Notable river with estuary 1s:

(a) Volga
(b) Indus
(c) Amazon
(d) None of these

⭐Conditions most favorable to solifluction are found in:

(a) Deserts
(b) Equational region
(c) Permafrost region
(d) None of these.

⭐Fossils make it possible:

(a) to subdivide deposits by age’

(b) to identify drainage systems

(c) to locate snowline

(d) None of these

⭐Asia Minor is a geographical expression a part to?

(b) IRAN
(c) Turkey
(d) Indonesia

⭐Trades are caused by:
(a) Distribution of land and sea
(b) Shape of earth
(c) Pressure differential between equatorial and sub tropic belts

(d) None of these

⭐Tombolo Spit connects:

(a) Reef with Island

(b) Island with headland

(c) Lagoon with Cliff

(d) None of these

⭐Karst region originally a Landscape located in:

(a) Belgium

(b) Greece

(c) Former Yugoslavia

(d) None of these

⭐At present time volcanoes are chiefly found along:

(a) Circum Pacific belt

(b) Appalachian region

(c) Karakoram-Kunlun Chain

(d) None of these

⭐It represents a stage in the formation of glacier:

(a) Fjord

(b) Graben

(C) Firn

(d) None of these

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⭐Largest fort, Fort George situated in ?

(a) UAE

(b) U.K


(d) Egypt

⭐Famous geyser which shows remarkable regularity is

(a) Alexander garden Fiji

(b) Yellow stone Park U.S.A.

(c) Murcia Spain

(d) None of these

⭐Eluvium 15:

(a) residual product of weathering

(b) Precious stone

(c) jet stream

(d) None of these

⭐Australia drifted eastward from:

(a) Antarctica

(b) Asia

(c) South America

(d) None of these

⭐ Beneath oceans entirely absent is:

(a) Basalt layer

(b) Granite layer

(c) Sialic layer

(d) None of these

⭐Earth’s temperature at the depth of 40 Kms is:

(a) 8000C

(b) 4000C

(c) 2000C

(d) None of these

⭐Greenland geographically politically is in?

(a) Europe

(b) America

(c) Australia

(d) None of these

⭐Pluto was discovered in:

(a) 1840

(b) 1930

(c) 1970

(d) None of these

⭐The Oldest known map projection is:

(a) Gnomonic

(b) Bonne’s

(c) Simple Cylindrical

(d) None of these

⭐Deepest of all known oozes is:

(a) Diatomaoeous

(b) Globigrina

(c) Radiolarian

(d) None of these

⭐Wind borne dust deposited on fringes of deserts called:

(a) Alluvium

(b) Regolith

(c) Scree

(d) None of these

Arrange the following religious groups according to the number of their followers:

(a) Christians

(b) Buddhists

(c) Hindus

(d) Muslims

Ppsc Lecturer of Geography past papers 2017

⭐‘Isle of Man’ is situated in:

(a) The North Sea

(b) Sea of Japan

(c) Irish Sea

(d) None of these.

⭐“Pindus Mts.” are located in;

(a) Romania

(b) Bulgaria

(c) Greece

(d) None of these.

⭐Name the smallest country in Asia.

(a) maldives

(b) Nepal

(c) Afghanistan

(d) Pakistan

⭐“Lake Titicaca” is located in;

(a) Argentina

(b) Bolivia

(c) Peru

(d) None of these.

⭐The country with highest Birth rate is:

(a) Chile

(b) Uganda

(p) Bangla Desh

(d) None of these.

⭐Mt Kilimanjaro is located in:

(a) Zaire

(b) Kenya

(c) Ethiopia

⭐None of these.

⭐“Windhoak” is the capita of:
(a) Angola
(b) Lesotho

(c) Namibia .

(d) None of these.

⭐“Aegean Sea” is situated near:

(a) Poland

(b) Turkey

(c) New Zealand

(d) None of these.

⭐Bering strait is located between:

(a) Norway and Sweden

(b) Alaska and Russia

(c) Malaysia and Indonesia

(d) None of these.

⭐“Sofia” is the Capital of:

(a) Romania

(b) Albania

(c) Botswana

(d) None of the above.

⭐“Mecca” is located near Latitude:

(a) 230N

(b) •290N

(c) 350N

(d) None of these.

⭐“Zagros Mts.” are located in:

(a) Turkey

(b) Iran

(c) Bulgaria

(d) None Of these.

⭐“Southern Alps” are present in:

(a) Italy

(b) Austria

(c) New Zealand

(d) None of these.

Ppsc Lecturer of Geography past papers 2016

⭐The Concentric Zone theory in Urban Geography – was presented by:

(a) Webber

(b) Kansky

(C) Ratzel

(d) None of these.

⭐The Primary Economic Activity is:

(a) Air Transport

(b) Barter Trade

(c) Vegetable

(d) None of these.

⭐Malta is situated in:

(a) Adriatic Sea

(b) North Sea

(c) Mediterranean Sea

(d) None of these.

⭐Arrange the following passes according to their height above the Sea level:

(a) Gomal Pass –

(b) Khyber Pass

(c) Shandhur Pass

(d) Khojak Pass

⭐The most important fishing grounds of the world are in the North East Pacific Ocean.

(a) Correct (b) Incorrect

⭐Valencia is the name of:

(a) Country

(b) Sea Port

(c) Lake

(d) None of these.

The Circumference of the Earth at the equator is:

a) 60075 km
b) 50075 km
c) 40075 km
d) none of these

⭐ The proportion reflected from the snow covered surface is called:

a) brook
b) caldera
c) sinusoid
d) none

⭐ Worldwide geocaching is carried out by:

a) GIS
b) Remote Sensing
c) GPS
d) None

⭐ Speed of the Earth at 45 N is:

a) 1180.7 km/h
b) 2180.7km/h
c) 3180.7 km/h
d) None

⭐ Chemical compostion of the Earth dominating 34% by:

a) Silicon
b) Iron
c) Magnesium
d) None

⭐ Temperate, Torrid and Frigid Zones, one ancient example of world climates is attributed to:

a) Plate
b) Herodotus
c) Aristotle
d) None

⭐ In Koppen Climate system Aw stands for:

a)Tropical Rainforest

b) Tropical Monsoon
c) Tropica Savanna
d) None

⭐ Which of the following civilization was shut down by droughts combined with devastating floods?

a) Nile
b) Indus
c) Incae
d) None

⭐Pumice, Gabbro and Andesites are identified as:

a) Sedimentary Rocks
b) Metamorphic Rocks
c) Igneous Rocks
d) None

⭐ Great Barrier Reef is in the:

a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Pacific Ocean
c) Indian Ocean
d) None of these

A new sea has been officially created in the pacific Northwest is called:

a) Palish Sea
b) Salish Sea
c) Valish Sea
d) None

On March 28, 2001 a tornado outbreak in Pakistan was experienced in:

a) sahiwal
b) Bhalwal
c) Sajawal
d) None of these

Agulhas is one of the warm currents of:

a) Indian Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Arctic Ocean
d) None

A and formation with many caves caused by dolomite being dissolved by undergoing drainage is termed:

a) Horst
b) Mesa
c) Scree
d) None

Frontal Zones where air masses are not moving against each other is called:

a) Occluded Fronts
b) Stationary Fronts
c) Warm Fronts
d) None

Mountain ranges near water sources can receive high rainfalls because of:

a) Cyclonic activity
b) Rain shadow effect
c) Orographic uplift
d) None

Cartographers classify maps into two broad categories, reference maps and

a) Topographic maps
b) Thematic maps
c) Attases
d) None of these

The oldest known projection dating back to about 500 BC is:

a) Cylindrical Homolographic
b) Gnomonic
c) Mollweide
d) None

Alexander Von Humboldt famous biogeographer produced five volumes of work in 1845, was called:

a) Kosmos
b) Helios
c) Mellios
d) None

Normal cycle of erosion was devised by:

a) Karl Ritter
b) Thornbury
c) Monkhouse
d) None

⭐ More determined and driven work ethics due to frequent variability in the weather of the:

a) Higher Latitudes
b) Middle Latitudes
c) Lower Latitudes
d) None of these

⭐ Equational Paradox is an aspect of:

a) Cultural Geography
b) Regional Geography
c) Economic Geography
d) None of these

⭐ Cliamtic determinism was intensely studied by:

a) Ellsworth Huntington
b) Carl O Saver
c) Carl Marx
d) None of these

⭐ Environmental Problems must all be understood via:

a) Physical Processes
b) Social Processes
c) Commercial Process
d) None

⭐The study of the number of population and its variations in time and space is called:

a) Population Dynamics
b) Population Density
c) Population Distribution
d) None

⭐ Rapid Population growth in Urban areas perpetuates:

a) Crimes
b) safety Issues
c) Poverty
d) None of these

⭐ Sustainability of human settlements have become a matter of:

a) Global Concern b) Continental Concern c) Regional Concern d) None

⭐ Settlements can be ordered by size or other factors to define:

a) Morphology
b) Landscape
c) Hierarchy
d) None of these

⭐ South Asian agriculture is considered to be:

a) Intensive
b) substence
c) Extensive
d) None

⭐ Appalachian Industrial area hosts:

a) Iron and Steel
b) Textiles
c) Chemicals
d) None

Turkey possesses plenty of:

a) Power resources
b) Mineral Resources
c) Water Resources
d) None

What had historicaly made geography unique was its attention to systematic description of areal variation said by:

a) Hart Shorne
b) Charles Fisher
c) Ann Buttimer d) None

⭐Indus Water Treaty Projects were financed by:

a) Asian Development Bank
b) World Bank
c) Former EEC
d) None

⭐ Ninety percent of Russia is north of the:

a) 60th Paralle
b) 55th Parallel
c) 50 Parallel
d) None

⭐ Before 1950, Famine was a harsh reality in:

a) Poland
b) Portugal
c) India
d) None

⭐ Waterways are common transport means in Bengal for carrying:

a) Tea
b) Jute
c) Animals
d) none

⭐ Greek Culture and power expanded into the near and Middle East during:

a) Archaic Period
b) Classical Period
c) Hellenistic Period
d) None

⭐ in the 5th and 4th Centuries BC the most advanced economy was founded in:

a) Italy
b) France
c) Greece
d) None

 Geographic regions are based on distinctive quality of

a) Variety
b) Homogenity
c) ORigin
d) None

⭐Geography affects the culture of a region by:

A ) What people do

b) What people possess
c) What people copy
d) None