PPSC Lecturer of BIOLOGY Past Papers

PPSC Lecturer of BIOLOGY Past Papers

⭐Bryophytes are all homosporous.

⭐ Nephridia are excretory organs in earth worm.

⭐ Slug is harmful mollusc.

⭐ Common feature of human and insect trachea is

non-collapsiable wall.

⭐ Vomiting occurs due to antiperistalsis.

⭐ Photosynthetic prokaryotes lack chloroplast.

⭐ Gizzard organ is because of absence of teeth in


⭐ The scientific name of jelly fish is Aurelia.

⭐ In which plants leaves are always in whorls


⭐ In bacterial and viral infection, there is increase

in number of WBC’s.

⭐ In plants, sclereids are involved in testa


⭐ The etiolated plants lack chlorophyll.

⭐ Cell is the unit of life.

⭐ Zoology is the study of animals.

⭐ The number of species of organisms currently

known to science is 2,500,000.

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⭐ Five kingdom classsification was proposed by

Robert Whittaker.

⭐ Out of 92 naturally occurring chemical

elements, 16 are cinsidered as bio-elements.

⭐ Red blod cells has no nucleus.

⭐ Dolly is the first cloned sheep.

⭐ Sciatic is the longes nerve in human.


⭐ On 11 February 2016 The LIGO Scientific

Collaboration announced the detection of

gravitational waves.

⭐ The SI unit of charge is Coulomb.

⭐ Very High Frequency (VHF) has shorter


⭐ Long-sight defect could be corrected by using

convex lens.

⭐ Deficiency of Vitamin A results in night


⭐ For a fixed mass of gas at constant

temperature, if we decrease volume, the

pressure will increase.

⭐ The lifespan of Red Blood Cells is 120 days.

⭐ The density of water is 1 g/cm 3.

⭐ Radioactivity was discovered by Becquerel.

⭐ A device which converts chemical energy into

electrical energy is called battery.

⭐ The Sun is a Star.

⭐ The average adult has a blood volume of about

5 liters.

⭐ The most abundant element in the universe is


⭐ The most abundant element in the Earth’s crust

is Oxygen.

⭐ Each day human body breathes in 15,000 to

20,000 liters of air.

⭐ Deficiency of Vitamin-D results in rickets.

⭐ The SI unit of “pressure” is Pascal.

⭐ The densest substance on the Earth is Osmium.

⭐ A camera uses a convex lens to form an image.

⭐ CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.