8+ Latest Necklace designs for women

Beautiful Latest Necklace piece designs for women

Outfits without accessories are boring to bring a charm to this accessories work as a soul for them. Choosing the suitable accessories with an outfit is very sensitive. Among all accessories Necklace play a major rule to create your look. If you have chosen the best necklace piece that go with your outfit perfectly now doubt you’ll rock it, and if you failed in correct selection than your outfit might get low. As these necklace are most demanded by the women. It makes you more attractive. Beautiful Latest Necklace designs for women.

To make your accessories choice more valuable there are varieties of shapes and styles with combination colors that make a perfect necklace for your outfit. For some women selecting the best piece for their outfit is just a major task. For such women there are a lot of varieties available in the market so that they can select according to their choice very well. Decoration with stones, cuts, crafts and beautiful designs bring more enhancements to different necklace. Now let me introduce you some necklace designs that will go perfectly with your ethnic wear.

Best Necklace designs for women


It has both Indo-Western styles. It is designed by metallic or colorful strings knit together. If you want to go with trendy look but traditional too at the same time this one is the best choice. You can find this style necklace in your favorite colors.  With any color this bold style string necklace will go perfectly. If you are a bold color lover your necklace choice must be this style. Must try it!!!

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2. CHARMING CHOKER NECKLACE LATEST Necklace designs for women

It has been embedded in the hearts of women. It has brought a new space in traditional jewelry originated from ancient time. This style has been modernized by the use of Kundan in decorating this necklace. Golden choker has been counted as a traditional and classy that every woman would want to have it. It brings attention to you and you are enhanced more with this style. This is best choice if you are wearing saree. Latest Necklace designs for women.


The name indicates the style of the necklace. They are different the other styles because of their thread base. This necklace cost less than other styles of neck pieces. This style is loved by huge number of women. You can choose to wear this style if looking for a traditional as well as modern style; it’ll be best in anyway.

Photo by denise carbonell


For adding a contemporary look this design will be the best choice. Traditional wearing could also be styled with this plastron necklace. It gives boho-chic vibes when paired with a suitable dress. They are available in beautiful colors and patterns according to which you can choose the best for you. Kurtis and plastron neck piece; WOW an amazing combination.

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As this necklace cover the region same as bibs does so named as Bib necklace. Other style of Indo-western jewelry. With these accessories you can style your outfits in different styles. Huge rage of designs and styles with different colors are available. Latest Necklace designs for women.

You can style your indo-western outfits with these very well.



It is the traditional jewelry in Indian region since subcontinent.  They are a bit heavier than other necklace.  They are designed in different styles and decorations like some necklace are with huge pendant, or some with different strings. You can chose according to your choice and outfit as well. Most of the bridal jewelry is styled with this necklace. You can choose to wear this style of necklace with wedding dresses, big functions and traditional outfits. They give royalty vibes. Try it!!! Latest Necklace designs for women.



They are longer is size as there is so long to end towards the belly. They look elegant with simple outfits for simple look.  They add glamour to the outfit you wear. You can style according to your wish with a choker or double string necklace. Opera necklace are very attractive type of necklace. Styling with casual wears won’t be wrong. latest necklace designs for women.

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This necklace can go with every family function, pooja or parties. They are different than choker because of their longer size.  They can be best worn with sarees. They are designed with different stones, mostly used by Indian woman.

Photo by dhendrix73

So these were 8 different styles of necklace that women can pick up for their outfits. You can try this necklace on special occasions or casually. Necklace brings more glamour to you and more enhancements to your outfits. So what are you waiting?  Grab one for you according to your style and choice. Stay tuned with us. Latest Necklace designs for women.


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