How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

Weight control is very important to stay healthy and fit. In particular, those who have a regular weight should exercise. There are many types of exercises that you do not need to go to the gym or gym to do. 9 easy ways to lose weight without exercise. People who practice regular weight will control your weight and have peace of mind.
You don’t need to do anything extra to do these tasks. These are your hands and part of our daily lives. With weight loss, you will have to work hard to maintain fitness, it will make the body more efficient, eliminate mental troubles, reduce heart disease, risk of stroke, high blood pressure, reduce some cancers and type 2 diabetes Will do.

Let us see if there are some things that we can lose weight easily.

Read prayer or exercise yoga

Do stretching exercises in the direction of practice. After regular prayer, mental health comes with physical balance. However, proper motion of prayer will be done. If you have time to pray with all the Raktas, you will also be able to read the Nafl Prayer. This is a very easy but effective way to spend calories.
Or do regular yoga exercises. The three main seats of yoga practice, asana, meditation and pranayama, should be properly practiced. 20-30 minutes of regular exercise will reduce weight as well as make the mind happy. If you want to spend more calories, learn a higher yoga practice from a yoga guru.
Regular prayer and yoga exercises to lose weight, improve metabolism, sleep well, hazmakri is powerful, increases focus on work.

Ride a bicycle

Cycling is a very effective exercise. Along with helping to reduce abdominal fat, the lower parts of the body make vegetables. This makes the lungs more efficient in taking oxygen. Cycling is a very fun and environmentally friendly job. It is known about the new place.


Dance is a type of physical exercise. Through this, body parts are stretched and worked. Especially belly dances are very fruitful to reduce fat. By dancing regularly, some causes of weight gain become ineffective and normalize blood pressure by lowering cholesterol levels.

Regular walking or walking

Walk for 40-60 minutes at least 5 days a week. It melts the fat stored in the body and improves metabolism. A 40-minute walk costs an average of 170 calories per day. The best place for a park or open ground walk or jogging is available with plenty of light and air. Walk a short distance without a rickshaw, walk to college or university, talk during a phone call or listen to music. Regular walking or jogging reduces the risk of heart problems, breast cancer, stomach cancer, diabetes and stroke. It also positively affects emotions and mental health.


Swimming is another effective way to lose weight. The more calories you spend, the more time you spend on swimming. Every 10 minutes of high intensity swimming costs 100 calories. It also gives peace to the mind, increases patience or endurance, strengthens muscles and greatly enhances the efficiency of the heart. Swim 30 minutes daily for a healthy and happy life.

Jump or drop

There is no scope to shorten the rope jump to reduce weight. I used to regularly jump 600 rope when I was losing 34 kg. It is capable of reducing fat in all parts of the body. If a 10-minute rope jumps, it costs 100 calories. When the rope jumps, the spine and knee must be straight. It makes the heart, lungs, bones strong and increases weight, as well as leg size.

House kepping

For women, the best way to lose weight at home is to do all the household chores. It is easy but effective to spend calories. Remove the house, do all the work in the cooking room, wash clothes and keep the whole house clean at all times. Also it will also be good for reducing your weight. Consequently, a married life will be a great pleasure.

Regular game

These sports help in losing weight by playing a quick calorie in the game. Tennis, cricket, football, badminton, hiking, surfing, hockey, etc. Game of hard work. These play regularly, along with being emotional calm as well as keeping the body well organized and entertained.


Gardening is a favorite hobby of many people. It also helped in calorie expenditure. You can spend 200 to 300 calories for 30 minutes in the garden. Spend the entire afternoon in the garden a few days a week. Through this you can stay close to nature. It is very important for mental health development.