Homeopathy for Diabetes Treatment

Homeopathy for Diabetes Treatment – Best Treatment 2021

Homeopathy for Diabetes Treatment

What is diabetes?

Millions of crores of work is going on every billion cells of our body. Power to complete this work smoothly. Carbohydrate is the largest supplier of energy. These include rice, pulses, potatoes, vegetables, wheat flour etc. After a complex reaction,

they are made into simple molecules that can be transported to our body cells. This simple molecule is glucose. Glucose molecules acquire body cells and produce energy through chemical reactions. This energy keeps the body active.

But if the cell enters a glucose, it takes a hormone. Its name is insulin. There is a channel in our body that glucose enters the body. The channel is off by default. We can compare the whole thing like this:

Suppose a room in a house is an astronomical body. And the door to the house is the insulin access channel. Usually, we close the doors of the house for safety, so that the glucose channel is closed, ie.

Like the key to unlocking, glucose is important for opening channels. The name of this key is insulin. Without insulin, glucose cannot enter cells. As a result, energy will not be produced in the cells.

If he does not get the energy of the cell, he cannot do his work properly. However, there is an endless glucose supply in the blood. But cells have to remain inactive. An increase in the level of glucose in the blood increases the duration of urine and urine.

This overall condition is known as diabetes mellitus or short-term diabetes. The name of this disease is diarrhea. There is another similar disease called diabetes insipidus, where the patient has frequent urination.

But diabetes mellitus around us is known as diabetes mellitus.) Normally healthy people have 5.6 to 6.1 milliliters per liter of glucose in their blood. It increased after two hours of feeding.

Diabetes Type:

We again return to the previous example. Suppose your house is closed. Now imagine, in some cases you cannot enter the house?

First, if you do not have the key. And secondly, the lock does not work even when keyed. In addition, diabetes can occur due to some other reasons. Maternal diabetes is particularly important among them. It is called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in English.

Pregnant women require more insulin than usual. Because insulin is involved in many other things in the human body. Now if obstetric is unable to produce enough insulin, the glucose in the body naturally increases.

Pregnant women develop certain hormones from the placenta that are responsible for maternal diabetes. These women do not have diabetes after childbirth and diabetes.

There can also be genetic causes of diabetes. People with autism or cliniflent syndrome are more likely to suffer from diabetes. With pancreatic problems, diabetes can occur; For example: If there is pancreatic cancer or infection, diabetes can occur.

Diabetes can also occur due to hormonal problems. Kusim syndrome or acomegaly is a hormone secreted by the thyroid gland, which is caused by these effects. Some medicines may also cause diabetes.

For example, diabetes may have a role in glucocorticoids, thiazides, or phenatin drugs. Diarrheal infection of Sieto-Meglalo-Virus, a birth-related rubella virus or coxassae virus.

Symptoms of diabetes:

Most diabetic patients have frequent urination problems. As a result, the fluid in the body decreases and water becomes more thirsty. On the other hand, a condition of ‘cellular starvation’ develops in people with diabetes. As a result, the body expressed the brain as hungry. Due to this, patients suffering from diabetes remain hungry.

Despite losing his weight, he lost weight. Always surrounded by fatigue. It does not want to dry easily if it gets wound anywhere. The attack of various dermatitis increased. Diabetes suffers from a gradual decrease in sexual ability.


Initially all the drugs which can come on the symptoms can come on the symptoms of many medicines, including fetal growth, cipanda indica, sizim, acid phosphate, arsenic bromide, acid lactic,

uranium nit, nux role, acid acetic, calcium Fos, included. Were included. And so experienced doctors, if you use the medicine yourself, the disease can reach a more complex shape.